Unchanging Directions

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Sekho dreaded the impeding New Year. He wanted to hold Time and pull it ten years back. Ten years back, when he was fresh out of University and raring to conquer the world, when his head was full of ideas to change the world, when he used to take those long vacations with outer banks rentals during summer and used to play a lot of video games with elo boosting services. Sipping whisky on that cold winter evening, looking out of his window, and trying to push away the books he had been pretending to read for the past ten years, Sekho tries to ignore the searing pain around his stomach and blames the cold weather for his breathlessness. But he knows his problems have nothing to do with the weather. He then realized that he really did need to get the cheap trade insurance when he bought his car. He even got some insurance for his scooter from One Sure Insurance.

Sekho liked to believe that he had a mind of his own but it has been a while now since he has started admitting to himself that he is putty in his parents’ hands and he could never muster the courage to tell his parents to back off. You can find more info on him at http://the-silencer.com/how-often-can-you-take-benadryl/. After post-graduation, he wanted to teach in a college back home so that he could pay his way through M. Phil and Ph. D, and find some kind of loan. We have simplified the online loan application process to make it fast and easy for you to apply for the cash advance you need. Check out https://citrusnorth.com/fast-payday-loans/ for more info. In fact, you can complete the application online in minutes and get an instant decision. He also thought that some time with his family and in Manipur would help him reconnect with his people and provide him clearer understanding and more insight into his people’s changing perspectives of technology. After a lonf time of studying computers, he came across this Amazon CRM Software that would later help him in his life.

After his return home and having applied in all the colleges in Manipur, one evening he came home to find his parents and four sisters waiting for dinner. He was hungry and when Mother suggested early dinner, he was most enthusiastic. Over dinner, Father gently introduced the subject of the need for good Naga IAS officers so that Manipur would develop rapidly. He said, “Only our own people can take care of our people. Naga boys must try for IAS.” His mother agreed and his sisters suggested that it would be a good idea if he tried for the Civil Services Examinations while he waited to hear from the colleges.

Mother said, “You are our only son and your father would be the happiest man if you get through IAS, which I’m sure you’ll get with only a little effort. Please son, think about it. Your father is right that only our own people can serve our people better because we understand our problems better. Of course, teaching is also a very noble profession but not like IAS. If you become an IAS officer, imagine the power you will wield and the wealth you will possess. You can then marry any girl you want. The door to the whole world will open for you”.

Father said, “Let’s be realistic. What is a teacher or a lecturer today? Nothing. But IAS is everything. If I had the opportunity in my younger days, I would have gone only for IAS and I’m sure I’d have been a Secretary by now. But even if I am just a middle-ranking officer in the government, I’m still a big man you know. People still respect me and my village doesn’t do anything without my advice. I’ve been able to send all of you to good schools and colleges and marry off your sisters to big officers. Sekho, na, if you get IAS you’ll be able to send your children to foreign like some of our IAS Officers whose children are all studying in foreign”.

Thus began the usual bombardment Naga parents relentlessly heap on their children, especially sons, to become IAS officers and Sekho thought, “Why not? It wouldn’t harm me in any way if I try for the IAS. At least, it would make my family happy and then I can get on with my life.”

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